The Education Director of EIT ICT Labs met doctoral students of Budapest Doctoral Training Centre

Prof. Anders Flodström

Prof. Anders Flodström was invited to Budapest as a guest speaker at the “New Curricula for e-Leadership - delivering skills for an innovative and competitive Europe” conference, which was co-organised by EIT ICT Labs and took place on 29 September at the Central European University.

Taking this opportunity, the Management of the Budapest APG invited Prof. Flodström to the Budapest CLC for an informal discussion with the PhD students of Budapest DTC. During the meeting on 30 September, the Director outlined the future plans on the doctoral programme of EIT ICT Labs for the eight students, and each of them gave a short presentation on their work and short-term plans. As the meeting had a very friendly atmosphere, the students were encouraged to give some feedbacks, comments or suggestions on our doctoral programme. The representatives of Eötvös Loránd University and Budapest University of Technology and Economics also participated in the event.

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