Learn to lead digital transformation at EIT Digital Doctoral School seminars

EIT Digital Doctoral School seminars

The EIT Digital Doctoral School seminars are designed to boost leadership skills in digital transformation and deep tech innovation.

The leadership seminars for industrial doctorate students of the EIT Digital Doctoral School are now also open for professionals and PhD students of other universities. The seminars are designed to boost leadership skills in digital transformation and deep tech innovation.

Roberto Prieto, Chief Education Officer at EIT Digital: “Europe is lagging behind in the digital transformation. It is our task to upskill professionals for the digital age. The leadership classes for our PhD students are a good way for professionals and PhD students from different disciplines, to grasp leadership skills that are needed in the digital transformation. Disruptive innovation in business is based on research. We bring these worlds together.”

Leadership skills in Digital Transformation

The  seminars are an essential part of the industrial doctorate programme of the EIT Digital  Doctoral School. The seminars skill the students to build digital transformation resilient business strategies.  It is aimed at acquiring leadership skills for technical PhD students who can directly put their learnings into practice because they research, under academic supervision, in commission of a company how emerging digital technologies can advance the business.

Implications of new technologies for business

Prieto says that therefore the seminars are also very attractive for professionals working in research, development and innovation and PhD students of other universities. On top of the content, businesspeople and PhD students can also profit from the expertise of the EIT Digital industrial doctorate students. “These students can help the businesspeople to understand the implications of new technologies for their business.”


The seminars Research to Value, Business Change, Business Modelling, Business Development and Business Growth are scheduled between February and November 2020 in Budapest, Helsinki, Madrid, Rennes, and Trento.


All leadership seminars of the EIT Digital Doctoral School focus on enhancing innovation and entrepreneurial skills, leadership skills and digital transformation skills. In addition, seminar-specific topics will be addressed. The innovation and entrepreneurial skills the participants are immersed in are based on the framework for entrepreneurial skills that the European Commission has developed.

Blended learning

The format of the seminars leans on a blended learning approach. This means that, prior to each seminar, each participant is tasked to follow online modules. This is to ensure that all participants are on the same level to interact in class and are equally receptive to the learnings provided.  For the quality reason the amount of participant is also limited to a maximum of twenty learners.


The fees for participating in these seminars are very attractive. Because it is the first year the Doctoral Schools welcomes professional learners, each seminar will welcome the first external learners for free.  In 2021 the seminars for professionals will be priced competitively.

People interested in joining one of these seminars can apply here: http://bit.ly/IDSLseminars

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