1st place for team from EIT ICT Labs

Doctoral School student Andrey Bogomolov was leading the team that won 1st place “Predicting Next Month Crime” at the Datathon for Social Good competition in London.

The team “Mobile Territorial Lab”, supervised by Fabio Pianesi (FBK/ EIT ICT Labs), in cooperation with Telecom Italia Skil Lab (Fabrizio Antonelli), MIT Media Lab (Vivek Kumar Singh), Trento RISE (Bruno Lepri) and University of Trento (Jacopo Staiano), with team leader Andrey Bogomolov (EIT ICT Labs Doctoral School/University of Trento) won the fist place on the “Datathon for Social Good” competition in London.

The competition was organized by Telefónica, The Open Data Institute and the MIT during the Campus Party Europe 2013, Europe’s largest technology festival at the O2 Arena in London on 2–7 September 2013, hosting more than 10,000 ‘campuseros’ – some of the brightest young tech minds from all parts of Europe.

During the competition the participants were provided access to large scale anonymised and aggregated data from Telefónica mobile network, including

  1. footfall counts for London Metropolitan Area over the course of 3 weeks, gender and age group splits for each of the locations within the London Metropolitan area on an hourly basis, inference data of crowd split by home, work and visitor based on the O2 network activity
  2. geo-localised Open Data sets including criminal cases reported, residential property sales, transportation, London borough profiles datasets about homelessness, households, housing market, local government finance and societal wellbeing
  3. non-localised hash-tagged Twitter data sets and
  4. Telefónica O2 network grid output areas.

The jury verdict was based on the originality, applicability, visualization, impact potential and business potential evaluation criteria.

Mobile Territorial Lab team successfully solved the problem of predicting next month crime from the aggregated mobile network activity. The proposed solution has a big impact potential in government, consumer and social well-being sectors.

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