Short executive course: Data Science for business Innovations

The live sessions

The live sessions consist of interactive workshops and networking sessions.

“A good introduction to the world of applied data science”

What is the value that Data Science can create for your business? If you want to take informed decisions on data driven business, innovation paths and strategies, then you should definitely sign up for this course. Alongside lectures on big data, machine learning, data valorisation and communication, you learn about tools and methods, and data science applications.

When: October 1-2 & November 24-25
Where: Brussels, Paris, Milano
Partner: Politecnica di Milano
Price: 1500 euro for the entire blended masters


The short executive course is designed to achieve two synergic goals: first, build a solid foundation in planning and managing data-centric projects to support data-driven business strategies and innovation paths within your enterprise and, second, learn how to set measurable goals that enable the alignment of business and technical perspectives.

The live sessions consist of interactive workshops and networking sessions where you will put in practice what you learnt on real-world cases, in collaboration with top managers from known companies from diverse sectors. You will experience a cross-disciplinary, cross-business innovation context where real problems and ideas are put on the table by high-valued executives, managers and business professionals, and a tailored and one-to-one interaction with world-renowned data science experts, with strong academic background and extensive industrial and educational experience.

Key take aways:

  • Learn the vocabulary of data science;
  • Understand the intuitions behind the main data analysis and machine learning approaches;
  • Understand how to plan and manage data-centric projects;
  • Set and assess measurable goals both from a business and a technical perspective for data-driven innovation.

For who?

The short executive course is developed for:

  • managers and decision-makers to help them make who need to handle the foundations of data analysis for taking these informed decisions.
  • Innovation managers
  • CEO’s and CIO’s.

Online course

Marco BrambillaThe online course on Coursera Data Science for Business Innovationis instructed by Associate Professor Marco Brambilla,  and professor Emanuele Della Valle of the Politecnico di Milano. The online course has been taken by over 2500 learners and is rated 4.22 on a scale of 5. One of the learners said:

“A very well-done course that showcases the main technologies applied in different scenarios. It was a good introduction to the world of applied data science.”

Online CourseData Science for Business Innovation

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