I&E Education, Mobility and Thematic Alignment

The ambition of EIT Digital is to educate a new generation of tomorrow’s leaders in Digital technologies, as an answer to the evolving needs of the European economy. The EIT Digital Doctoral School on ICT Innovation innovates with a new kind of doctoral programme based on offering a deep expertise in key digital areas together with a strong background in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. It creates a unique experience combining research, innovation, entrepreneurship, industry involvement and pan-European mobility.

The EIT Digital Doctoral School features three specific elements:

  1. Standardised I&E Education: Business Competence + Business Development Experience;
  2. Mobility: six months of geographical mobility;
  3. Thematic alignment: to the innovation areas, so called action lines, of EIT Digital.

1. Standardised I&E Education

The I&E Education trains doctoral candidates in an early stage of their doctoral education, in a hands-on delivery mode. It consists of two phases, the Business Competence phase followed by a Business Development Experience.

a. Business Competence

The business competence seminars are accomplished during the doctoral studies. The business competence phase corresponds to a number of learning outcomes and consists of three sequential components:

  • Opportunity Recognition (one week);
  • Business Modelling and Development (over 15 weeks);
  • Growth and Harvest (one to two weeks).

b. Business Development Experience (BDExp)

The Business Development Experience lasts at least six months. It is either an internship period at a business unit at a large company or SME or within a startup, or it may also be working on your own innovation or new venture creation project in an innovation-friendly place, such as an incubator. The business development experience is assessed with an I&E thesis report, written in English.

2. Mobility

Part of the EIT Digital doctoral training is to gain international and cross-cultural experience. The student will experience six months of geographical mobility.

Geographical mobility means that the student works in a different country than the country of his employer.

3. Thematic alignment to EIT Digital Action Lines

EIT Digital combines education, research and business in thematic areas, called action lines. The doctoral studies are aligned with one of these areas through the local Doctoral Training Centres.

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