DTC Paris

Doctoral Training Centre Paris

Join us and Take the lead in innovation in the international ICT playground...

The PhD experience is an intensive research experience where the PhD tries to understand the research problem he has to solve, formulate it well and propose new solutions that he has to validate with different proof of concepts. Here comes a new and challenging experience brought up by the Doctoral Training Centre under the EIT Digital flag where the PhD student will have a unique opportunity to deal with innovation and entrepreneurship in new technologies. The PhD student will learn to give another flavor to his research work through the build up of a realistic business assessment of his research work which can lead to a start up or entrepreneurship in Innovation.

The Paris DTC is located in an inspiring research Lab LINCS labs in Central Paris in the Paris EIT Digital Co-location Center, where well-qualified researchers are available from academia and industry to help the DTC PhD students in their work. Major industrial players are already having strong partnerships with EIT Digital and LINCS lab, and this is again a very promising environment for the PhD student to give a real shape to their work.

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