DTC Madrid

An excellent opportunity for PhD students that want to play a key role in European Digital Innovation. Don’t miss it!

The Madrid Doctoral Training Center (DTC) offers an innovation-oriented higher education path addressed to Ph.D. candidates with exceptional skills and creativity, which combine the desire to perform top-level research with an entrepreneurial vocation and an innovation-oriented mentality in order to become game changers in the field of software development. Its motivating theme is that of “ICT providing citizens convenience with confidence,” i.e., addressing the challenges of providing convenience to citizens (ICT that is adapted to consumers needs and satisfaction, cost-effective, accessible, green, user-friendly, etc.) while at the same time providing confidence (ensuring high quality, safety, reliability, security, trust, efficiency, etc.).

The DTC is located at the Madrid CLC, within the IMDEA Software Institute building, in the Montegancedo Research and Technology Park of UPM. This campus has been awarded the “International Excellence” label by the Spanish Ministry of Education providing a rich innovation ecosystem with top research centers, living labs, business incubator, and excellent infrastructure. Doctoral students are provided with a working space in the DTC in order to benefit from this entire environment.


DTC Madrid Lead - Susana Negrete


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