Doctoral Training Centres

Students of the EIT Digital Doctoral School work in the Doctoral Training Centres.

Doctoral Training Centres (DTCs) provide a multi-disciplinary and inspiring environment aligning with the innovation Focus Areas of EIT Digital. Doctoral students in the DTCs adhere to the general requirements of the EIT Digital Doctoral School in ICT Innovation.

The DTC supports the doctoral students, their supervisors and business representatives participating in the mentoring of the doctoral students in cross-disciplinary and cross-organisational issues and ensures that the doctoral students can work in an open and creative environment.

The DTC ensures that a business partner participates in the mentoring of each doctoral student. Furthermore, the DTC contributes to and facilitates the implementation of the I&E education required by the EIT Digital Doctoral School and works proactively to promote cross-node mobility. The role of the DTC is also to actively support doctoral students’ driven entrepreneurial efforts.


Each DTC is organised by a EIT Digital university or higher education institutional partner that participates in the EIT Digital Doctoral School. The DTCs are headed by a DTC Lead. The DTC Lead is supported by an Advisory Committee which gives advice on the technical profile of the DTC, the business partnership, specific DTC activities, doctoral candidates admission and examination.

The DTCs are located in or next to the EIT Digital Co-Location Centres (CLCs) and work in close cooperation with the CLCs to exploit the local innovation network.

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